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Bertram Zarins, MD

In 1944 the Russians invaded Latvia. I was two years old. Our family escaped in a small boat to Sweden and we came to America. I am forever grateful for the assistance we received.

The Ukrainians now face the same fate. Of three million Ukrainian refugees, 5,000 have arrived in Latvia and more are coming.

In 1990 my brother and I started a non-profit foundation, the Latvian Medical Foundation (LMF) to help the newly independent Latvia with emergency medical aid. After the crisis was over, we continued to help the Latvians improve their medical system. In the past 20 years the LMF switched to education and has awarded $274,000 in travelling fellowships to 52 young doctors.

Now, new needs have arisen and we are re-directing the LMF to provide emergency assistance to Ukrainian refugees. The Latvian Medical Foundation will assist Ukrainian medical personnel who have come to Latvia and will work to help more resettle in Latvia. The LMF will help the refugees with their medical care expenses and other needs. We will provide financial support ($1,000) to Ukrainian war refugees who have received a residence visa in Latvia and will work in one of the Latvian healthcare facilities. Now more than 100 medical professionals are waiting for our support. We will provide this support, in cooperation with the Latvian Medical Association, Latvian hospitals and state institutions, so that the aid reaches those who need it more quickly.

Latvian surgeons have gone to Ukraine to help on the ground and LMF will send necessary medical equipment to them.

If you would like to help, please send a donation here or to: Latvian Medical Foundation, c/o Dr. Bertram Zarins, MD, MGH Sports Medicine, 175 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02114 USA.

Thank you for your support.

LMF’s support to the people of Ukraine

The Latvian Medical Foundation (LMF) provides a one-off financial contribution of USD 1000 to the war-stricken Ukrainian people who arrived in Latvia as refugees and started work in the health sector. Many health professionals have also travelled in the refugee stream to Latvia. Latvia has become their home and also their place of work for an unknown time. New jobs are in Riga hospitals, regional hospitals, health centres, private medical institutions and private practices. Already more than 40 Ukrainian refugees have received financial support – doctors, dentists, technicians, nurses, sanitary, social workers. Their new jobs are in Riga, Kuldiga, Daugavpils, Jekabpils, Jelgava, Liepaja, Tukums, Ventspils, Valka, Cesis, Jurmala.

Each of us can support this and also other LMF initiatives that will help the people of Ukraine who are victims of the war.

LMF has provided assistance of USD 1000 for each of the Ukrainian war refugees who will work in Latvia in the medical field.


doctor internist

Kuldiga Hospital



Riga East Clinical University Hospital


gynecologist, laboratory specialist

Riga Maternity Hospital



Riga Maternity Hospital



Dz. Ozoliņas Dental practice, Liepaja


biomedical technician

Clinical University Hospital for Children



SIA Liepājas Regional Hospital


sanitary – biomedical technician

Riga East Clinical University Hospital

LMF sponsored Ambulance on the way to Ukraine

April 10, 2022

Latvian Peter Dimants along with his volunteer team today, April 10, transports a well-equipped ambulance sponsored by LMF to Ukraine. In 8 hours, the new ambulance will be able to bring injured people out of the front lines again. Peter says a great thanks to his new friends – the Latvian Medical Foundation – who solved this serious problem so quickly – provided a new ambulance in place of bombing.

From LMF thank you to all those who supported, but we need to continue our support

LMF sponsored ambulance is in service in Ukraine!

April 25, 2022

The Latvian Medical Foundation donated $40 000 to supply front-line Ukrainian healthcare workers with an ambulance. A well-equipped ambulance has been delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Latvian Peter Dimants and his team on April 19. Thanks to your donations, we received almost $10,000 to support this effort.

The Embassy of the Ukraine in Latvia sends its thanks for our assistance!  The Embassy of Ukraine is extremely grateful for the assistance provided by the Latvian Medical Foundation to Ukraine.

We need to continue our support to help Ukraine.

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