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The Latvian Medical Foundation is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was founded in 1990 to help the people of Latvia. Its goals are to raise the standard of medical care in Latvia and to provide humanitarian assistance when needed.

Letter from 

Dr. Bertram Zarins,

LMF President

When we founded the Latvian Medical Foundation in 1990, it was in response to critical medical needs in the Latvian SSR. One year later, Latvia gained its independence and the Soviet medical system collapsed. The LMF responded with more than $1 million aid in kind. During the subsequent transition period the LMF assisted in the re-organization of medical care. Over the next 30 years the LMF has focused on improving medical care through graduate medical education.

The war in Ukraine has sent a wave of refugees to Latvia. The LMF is responding by giving direct aid to Ukrainian medical personnel who have arrived in Latvia. To help on the front line in Ukraine, we bought and have sent to the front line in Ukraine an ambulance. We will continue to do more and we need your help.

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Bertram Zarins

Board of Directors

Christopher K. Zarins, MD – Chairman
Bertram Zarins, MD
Dainis Krievins, MD, PhD
Aleksandrs Kalnins, MD
Janis Tupesis, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Christopher A. Zarins


President – Bertram Zarins, MD
Vice-president Latvia – Dainis Krievins, MD, PhD
Vice-president USA – Aleksandrs Kalnins, MD
Treasurer – Bertram Zarins, MD
Development – Christopher A. Zarins

Executive Director and Administrator

Kamena Kaidaka, MD