Past Fellows

1990 Zatlers and ZarinsIn 1991, the Latvian Medical Foundation sponsored its first traveling fellow: Dr. Valdis Zatlers. Dr. Zatlers completed his fellowship in orthopaedic surgery and went on to become a premier physician in Latvia. His leadership in the medical field and as a political activist helped propel him to become the seventh president of Latvia, from 2007 to 2011. He now serves as chairman of the Latvian Medical Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Krievins and Zarins

In 1993, Dr. Dainis Krieviņš, then a resident, spent a year training in vascular surgery at Stanford University after receiving a scholarship from the Latvian Medical Foundation. Today, Dr. Krieviņš is a premier vascular surgeon in Latvia and Professor of Surgery at the University of Latvia. He also serves as president of the Latvian Medical Foundation’s operations in Latvia.

With the help of a generous donation from Norman Knight, the traveling fellowship was named the Zarins-Knight Traveling Fellowship. With the support of Mr. Knight, Andronico Luksic, and other philanthropists, the LMF has continued to enable young Latvian physicians and medical students to train abroad and bring back invaluable experience to address healthcare needs in Latvia. Since 2003, 52 young clinicians have received $274,000 in aid to train in 16 different countries.

List of Zarins-Knight Traveling Fellows

Austra Breiksa, Pathology
Sergejs Zadoroznijs, Orthopaedic Surgery/Traumatology
Martins Lauskis, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Katrīna Bandere, Medical Student
Ailita Eddy, Medical Student
Kristaps Krafte, Endocrinology

Inese Briede, Orthopaedic Surgery
Marta Celmiņš, Pediatrics
Pauls Klaviņš, Pediatrics
Lelda Liepiņa, Neurology
Katrīne Rutka, Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Reinis Ozols, Medical Student
Martis Roze, Pre-medical Student
Aksels Grants, Pre-medical Student

Edgars Zellans, Anesthesia and Critical Care
Gunta Laizāne, Infection control, Riga Children’s Clinical University Hospital
Kristiāns Meidrops, Cardiac Surgery
Urzula Safronova, Nuclear Medicine
Līva Zemītis, Pre-medical Student
Marlena Ramanis, Pre-medical Student
Marija Mohova, Prenatal care

Marija Ose, Traumatology /Orthopedic Surgery
Juris Nazarovs, Pathology
Jevgēņijs Kravčuks, Emergency Medicine
Zanda  Pučuka, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Stradins Clinical University Hospital Liver Transplantation Group

Kristine Sapovalova, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
Anda Apine, Dermatology

Ieva Baidekalna, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Roberts Lielbuss, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
Artis Knapsis

Sanita Ponomarjova, Diagnostic Radiology

Artjoms Špaks, General Surgery
Ēriks Ozols, Orthopaedic Surgery

Patricija Ivanova, Endovascular Surgery

Maija Radziņa, Diagnostic Radiology
Oskars Gāliņš, Cardiology and Anesthesiology

Mārtiņš Kalējs, Cardiac Surgery
Mārcis Gediņš, Vascular Surgery
Zane Jaunmuktāne, Pathology

Juris Rīts, Vascular Surgery
Ģirts Salmiņš, Pediatric Orthopaedics
Valts Ozoliņš, Pediatric Cardiology
Helmuts Kidikas, Diagnostic Radiology
Sergejs Isajevs, Medical Student
Kaspars Ķīsis, Vascular Surgery
Māra Virza, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Lauma Logina, Plastic Surgery
Vita Zīdere, Pediatric Cardiology
Zane Ābola, Pediatric Surgery

Maris Zambrāns, Orthopaedic Surgery
Linda Nimroda, Otolaryngology
Alda Bumbure, Endocrinology
Ilze Strumfa, Pathology
Sergejs Isajevs, Medical Student


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